Two guys drive an old Volkswagen Polo across ~20 countries and raise money for charity

What am I talking about?

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12 July – 6 August 2022

UK → Georgia

Yes, we do Mongol Rally – Poles of Inconvenience this year

We did it!
One small car, 21 country, 11,000 miles, 40 days. From London to Tbilisi and back. Thanks to everyone who supported.

Something like this.
Most likely.


Meet the team. Fun fact — we never met face to face before the rally.


1. Save the world

Raise money for charity. Make the world a better place.

2. Get a scrappy car

Cars must be under 1.2 litres and generally considered to be crap.

3. Go your own way

There’s no set route. No support. No guarantee you will make it.


All rallyists do it for a good cause. Please donate and help us raise money for these two:

DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Help beat humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine


Make A Wish Foundation

Help grant wishes for children with critical illnesses


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